The Wicked Ones

The Wicked Ones


Dirty dancing: dusk til dawn, zombie perverts got the horn, filthy and fury. Flog and fuck ’em, wank and finger-lick and suck ’em, sluts in cages bitches lock ’em, hang ’em up so studs can cock ’em, on the cross and on the wheel, see ’em make the strumpets squeal, hear them shout and hear them scream, as they fuck the sex machine, the gas mask gimp the one-eyed man, give ’em all the cock they can, depraved debauched degenerate sons, prepare to meet The Wicked Ones.

Hot on the heels of “Hell Where The Party Is” “The Wicked Ones” delivers pure satisfaction for anyone who dares to watch! You wont want to miss these…

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